Episode 13 - Realm Hoppers 17 Interview

February 9, 2017

Welcome to Episode 13 of the Tales of Sigmar Podcast, Dan is again on his lonesome as he is joined by special guests Sean Houghton & Kye Baker the team behind the Narrative Event Realm Hoppers 2017.

All three of us will be attending this event next week and we'll be covering the event in full detail in Episode 14!

To check out all the Narrative work that's been built up for Realm Hoppers check out the TGA thread here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/4159-rise-of-empires-realm-hoppers-narrative-campaign/

Go and check out some of their work and, as always, stay easy!

James - @talesofsigmar
Dan - @dangermouse425
Adam - @elfordminis

Email – talesofsigmar@gmail.com


Episode 12 - Community Champion Award 2016

January 17, 2017

In this episode, Dan chats to all (well, nearly all!) of the nominees for the Age of Sigmar Community Champion award, an award that recognises some of the fantastic work people do to make our game even better.

If you want to vote, head to: http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/6171-tales-of-sigmar-presents-aos-community-champion-award-2016-voting/

Vince Venturella (Warhammer Weekly) – https://www.youtube.com/user/PhatWOP001

Tony P (Srollbuilder) – http://www.scrollbuilder.com/

Tyler Mengel (Mengel Miniatures,The Endless Deserts) – http://www.mengelminiatures.com/, http://theendlessdeserts.blogspot.co.uk/

Mo Ashraf (Clash Comp) – http://heelanhammer.com/clash/

Alex Nygård (The End Times Battletomes) – http://www.tga.community/files/file/2-battletome-the-end-times/

Sean Houghton (HobbyHammer) – http://www.hobbyhammer.com/

Tyler Emerson (Scruby and Wells, AoS Directory) - http://scrubyandwells.com/, http://ageofsigmar.org/

Go and check out some of their work and, as always, stay easy!

Dan - @dangermouse425
James - @talesofsigmar
Adam - @elfordminis
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Episode 11 - The Xmas Show

December 23, 2016

In this special Christmas episode of the Tales of Sigmar Podcast, Dan and Chalmers cover the recent FAQ and the reveal of the Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome. They also recap their favourite moments of their hobbying throughout 2016 while looking forward to what they hope to see and achieve in 2017. As you can probably imagine the majority of Dan's answers are based on Moonclan Grots.

A very Merry Christmas from all three of us and hope you have a great 2017.






Episode 10 - The Band Is Back Together

December 15, 2016

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Tales of Sigmar Podcast.

For the first time in a few episodes we've got the whole team back together as Dan, Adam and Chalmers have a good old catch up. We cover our hobby progress over the past few months, briefly touch on Blood and Glory, discuss compendium warscrolls, get a bit too excited for the Narrative Realm Hoppers event we're all attending in February and answer questions from you guys.

Details on Realm Hoppers can be found here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/2468-events-uk-realm-hoppers-aos-event-one-dayer-18th-feb-2017-margate/

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Episode 9 - Life Lessons from The Champ (Sam Davies)

December 6, 2016

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Tales of Sigmar Podcast!

We're finally back from our mini-hiatus due to real life, in this episode Dan interviews Sam Davies, the Facehammer GT champion. During this episode Sam discusses his approach to Matched Play events in the Age of Sigmar, as well as some advice on attending tournaments, list building and life itself!

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Episode 8 - The Crimson King

October 14, 2016

Welcome to Episode 8 of a Tales of Sigmar Podcast, this week Chalmers is away so Dan and Adam host a hobby-orientated episode in his absence.

The guys cover their hobby progress, Adam's run up to the Clash Comp at the end of the month and Dan gets super...SUPER excited over the official reveal of Magnus The Red on Warhammer TV.

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Episode 7 - The Endless Deserts

September 16, 2016

We have our very first guest for the Tales of Sigmar podcast as Tyler Mengel joins Dan and discusses everything to do with The Endless Deserts and his fantastic work with the Tomb Kings in Age of Sigmar. For the hobby progress Adam and Chalmers go through their recent painting and gaming as the days until the Facehammer GT looms near.

As you can see we also have a brand new Podcast logo as we reveal the winner of our design a logo competition.

Like always you can find us on Twitter - @talesofsigmar @dangermouse425 @elfordminis

Also all of Tyler's projects can be found here;



Episode 6 - So What’s Battleline….

August 29, 2016

We are back with Episode 6 of the Tales of Sigmar podcast, this episode we're a man down as Adam is away but Chalmers and Dan chat about their recent games using the General's Handbook, focusing on armies, chat hobby progress, finding out certain units aren't battleline and answer a bagful of questions from you the listeners.

Running Order
Recent Games - Alliance and Brothers of Sigmar
Hobby Progress

As usual catch us on Twitter - @talesofsigmar, @dangermouse425 and @elfordminis


Episode 5 - Hobby Wobble

August 4, 2016

Welcome to Episode 5, this week we look at the latest releases including the Bonesplitterz, Beastclaw Raiders and the new Shattered Dominion Realm of Battleboard. We also answer questions from you the listeners and two out of three of us have a massive hobby wobble as we prepare for Facehammer GT....

We also have our first ever competition where we are giving away a Battletome of your choosing. We need a new logo for the podcast that can be used on T-Shirts and Dice in the future and the winning design will be chosen in the first week of September. To enter we need your design (or designs if you're feeling creative) to be emailed to talesofsigmar@gmail.com

As always find us on Twitter; @talesofsigmar, @dangermouse425, @elfordminis and we also can be found at www.talesofsigmar.co.uk

Stay Easy!

Show Notes:
Part 1 - Recent Releases
Part 2 - Hobby Progress
Part 3 - Listener Questions and Logo Competition


Episode 4 - #ShowUsYourManCave

July 10, 2016

Welcome to our hobby heavy 4th episode of a Tales of Sigmar podcast. We're back to full strength tonight as we cover the recent releases, talk the General's Handbook and give updates of our hobby progress.

We also want you to show us your work areas and your mancaves, tweet us and use the hashtag #ShowUsYourManCave

Show Notes

Sylvaneth Releases

Chaos Dreadhold: Crucible

General's Handbook

Summer Campaign

Hobby Progress

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