Episode 45 - Belakor & Friends w/ Nathan Watson


Welcome back to the Tales of Sigmar, a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast. In this episode Chalmers sits down with Nathan Watson, the 2018 Northern Master and current member of the Scottish 6 Nations team to chat about Belakor and the Legion of the First Prince allegiance.


We chat about what makes the list strong, how to counter it and what playstyle to use when putting it on the table. We also cover Belakor's new warscroll, Nathan's hobby in getting his army together with a unique theme to merge all the different chaos daemons together, what his future plans for AoS are and his initial thoughts on the impending release of AoS 3. Be sure to check out Nathan on his AoS podcast The Northern Invasion which covers alot of the Scottish AoS Scene.


As always catch us on Twitter;

Chalmers - talesofwargames

Nathan - Nate_Watson89

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