Feb 12, 2021

Episode 41 - Kitbash King with Ricki Smith

We're back with Episode 41 and in this episode Chalmers chats with Ricki Smith about how he creates his own custom units and battletomes in Age of Sigmar. We cover a range of topics including his creative ideas, competitive vs narrative building, the size of his bits box, wanting to be a GW rules designer and among other things, drool over the new Warhammer Quest Cursed City reveals from the last week.

As always find us on Twitter;

Chalmers - @talesofwargames

Martin - @martinswaffield

Ricki - @RLRSmith88

Jan 29, 2021

Episode 40 - Lumineth, Soulblight and FAQs

We're back! Chalmers is finally returning from his self-imposed hobby exodus and the Tales of Sigmar podcast is back up and running. In this episode we go through the recent Warhammer Preview Show and talk about the brand new Lumineth Realm Lord additions, Daughters of Khaine, Soulblight Gravelords and our thoughts on Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. While also chatting about our recent hobby progress while we're stuck indoors during the lockdown and we bring up the small thing about our feelings on the most recent Winter FAQs....or lack of.

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Jul 24, 2020

Episode 39 - GHB2020 Review and Lumineth Lists



The Tales of Sigmar podcast is back once again and this time they're reviewing the General's Handbook 2020 looking at the changes to the matched play scenarios, going through their thoughts of each of the realms as well as raiting the Auxiliary Objectives.


We also go through our hobby progress, which for one of us *Martin* is non-existent and cover our Lumineth Lists which we missed off last mega-episode.


The Tales of Sigmar YouTube channel is now live, we've got some painting videos already up and mid-August will see the launch of our battle reports which we cannot wait to start doing.


As always you can find us on Twitter and Instagram below;


Chalmers - @talesofwargames

Martin - @martinswaffield

Jul 8, 2020

Episode 38 - Lumineth Realm-Lords Battletome Review and Tactics

Strap in as we've got a super-episode on tap as we review the Age of Sigmar Lumineth Realm-Lords Battletome. Not only do we go through the spell lores, warscrolls and Great Nations but we also look at each option from a competitive view and discuss how they would be used/how to counter them.

Let us know how we fared in our first Battletome review, we'll be aiming to do the Sons of Behemat book when it launches later this year and next episode we'll be looking at the brand new General's Handbook 2020 discussing the rule changes as well as the winners and losers of the point adjustments.

As always you can find us on Twitter and Instagram at the following below, and we've just launched our YouTube Channel which will start having painting videos, battle reports and each episode of the podcast as well.

Chalmers - @talesofwargames
Martin - @martinswaffield

Jun 24, 2020

Episode 37 - Tabletop Tactics with Ian Spink, Talking Lumineth and Deepkin

The Tales of Sigmar is back once again for another Age of Sigmar Podcast. In this episode we have a special interview with the monster hunter himself Ian Spink in our new Tabletop Tactics segment. We talk about the upcoming Lumineth release (full Battletome review next episode) and also chat about our lockdown hobby progress....or lack of. We also end up chatting Idoneth Deepkin, discussing whether the battletome needs a full rewrite, points drops or something inbetween, including some rather wacky lists including double and triple Eidolon.

As always catch us on Twitter and Instagram;

Chalmers - @talesofwargames

Martin - @martinswaffield

Apr 20, 2020

Episode 36 - Sons of Behemat…Beermat? Baymat?, Narrative and Hobby Progress

The Tales of Sigmar podcast is back once again for another episode, in this they cover the Mega-Gargants that were revealed in the Warhammer Preview this past week while also struggling to pronouce the new army name. We also chat about the Lumineth Realm-Lord reveals, new Aelf Warcry Faction and much more.

Martin chats a bit more indepth about our lockdown Narrative campaign that we're doing in the club to keep us all sane, and we also chat about our hobby progress including Duardin and bright-red Gargants!

As always you can find us on Twitter and Instagram using the following handles;

Chalmers - @talesofwargames

Martin - @martinswaffield

Apr 9, 2020

Episode 35 - Aelves, Gargants, Lockdowns and Narrative

The Tales of Sigmar Podcast is back and in this episode we cover the last two weeks of Warhammer Previews featuring the Age of Sigmar reveals of the Lumineth Realm-Lords and Sons of Behemat Gargants. Martin goes through the Narrative event he attended in Durham while Chalmers and Martin also talk about their time at Fall of the Old World in mid-March.

With the lockdown due to Covid-19 we also talk about our hobby plans while stuck indoors, including a Narrative campaign we're planning amongst our gaming group.

As always you can find us on Twitter;



Feb 18, 2020

Episode 34 - Eels, Cows and Lost Voices - Warlords Revenge Event Review

The Tales of Sigmar crew is back once again and in this episode we recap our Warhammer Age of Sigmar games at the Warlords Revenge Event which happened last weekend. Chalmers took another new army and this time herded up some cows for an Ogor Mawtribe Boulderhead list while also losing his voice throughout the event. Martin continued to bring his slippery Idoneth eels, riding the waves against Bonereapers, Nurgle and Bonesplitterz.

As always, if you want to follow us on Twitter we can be found at the following;

Chalmers - @talesofwargames

Martin - @martinswaffield

Feb 3, 2020

Episode 33 - Beginners Guide To Tournaments & Warlords Revenge List Review

The Tales of Sigmar podcast is back once again and in this episode we look forward to the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warlords Revenge event this coming Saturday at Battle Bunker, Sunderland and pick out our personal top 5 coolest and top 5 competitive lists for the event.

With a lot of newer players coming to Warlords Revenge and this being their first ever event we feature a Beginners Guide to Tournaments, going through what to expect, how to prepare, things to bring, scoring to name a few.

As always if you need to contact us find us on Twitter.

Chalmers - @talesofwargames

Martin - @martinswaffield

Jan 25, 2020

Episode 32 - Tempest 2020 Review

The Tales of Sigmar team are back and Chalmers and Martin review their recent trip up to Scotland for the Age of Sigmar Tempest 2-Day event. Chalmers took the latest Tzeentch Changehost book and Martin too his trusty Idoneth Deepkin but how did we do? We also chat about our initial thoughts of Tzeentch after the weekend, countering them and potential changes to make them more balanced.

As always find us on Twitter;

Chalmers - @talesofwargames

Martin - @martinswaffield

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